1. Call Centre (Minority Affairs Department, Excise & Taxation Department, General Public Complaints)

2. MoU on project “ Public Safety City for Karachi” signed between IS&T Department & ZTE P.R China dated: 23rd September, 2014.

The scope of this MOU is to establish a framework for the IS&TD and ZTE as they move forward. As of right now, ZTE has delivered to the Authority an unsolicited proposal concerning the plan and deployment of the Public Safety City for Karachi which mainly includes nine (09) systems i.e. Video Surveillance System, Radio Communication & Dispatching System, Coalition Emergency Response System, Video Conference Services, Lawful Interception System, Unified Communication Service, Emergency Communication Vehicle, End-to-End Encryption System, Intelligent Transport System whereas some of the salient features reflected in the forgoing sub systems are highlighted below:

  • Monitoring of VIP building spot and other important locations;
  • Monitoring of the public riot, celebration and conference;
  • Automated Vehicle number plate recognition;
  • Biometric and facial recognition;
  • Thermal infrared imaging camera;
  • Perimeter defense and alarm;
  • Intelligence access control;
  • Aerial surveillance;
  • Control and command center;
  • Counter-crime intelligence platform;
  • Vehicle query and tracing;
  • Criminal vehicle capture;
  • Vehicle scanning system;
  • Gunshot detection sensor.

3. Quick Response Surveillance Unit

4. Centralized Command & Control Centre at Chief Minister House to connect more than 2000 CCTV cameras of the city.

5. 120 Telecentres in Sindh through Universal Support Fund (USF) program.

6. MoU on project “ Cloud Data Center” signed between IS&T Department & PTCL dated: 20th November, 2014.

The scope of this MOU is to establish a framework for the Authority and M/s PTCL as they move forward in the direction of at least attaining six components that will be the part of the project i.e.

  • Establishment of Data Center & Provision of hardware.
  • Gap Analysis of Applications for phase 2 and phase 3 applications.
  • Development and deployment of Oracle based applications/services in phases.
  • Online Web Portal & online public services.
  • Data Integration.
  • Decision Support System.

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