Information, Science & Technology Department, is the backbone of the Sindh. Department is playing vital role in the development of the Sindh, form office automation to safe city projects the department is eager to work in every scenario.

The Department has initiated various projects for the Capacity Building of Government Employees as well as general public, during the Capacity Building in IT for Sindh Secretariat Employees, the department trained thousands of the government employees from different districts. Also for English language improvement and making marketing skills in the fresh graduates the department initiated Call Centers Training Project, in which many of the students from Sindh participated and improved their skills.

Inshallah, Information, Science & Technology Departments will work in all fields to serve public efficiently.







Latest Updates

Latest Updates

Polio Campaign

Polio Campaign

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April NewsApril News

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Test News

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Labour Day

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Test Event

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April Notification

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